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Seungjae Han

I am a PhD student at Neuro-Instrumentation & Computational Analysis Lab (NICA Lab) at KAIST, advised by Professor Young-Gyu Yoon. I am developing novel methods to acquire and analyze calcium imaging data. Before KAIST, I graduated Yonsei University, advised by Jiwon Seo. I studied positioning during undergraduate.

How can we efficiently and accurately acquire and analyze neuronal signal?

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I'm intereted in optimization, computer vision, and microscopy. Representative papers are highlighted.

  • [Denoising] Statistically unbiased prediction enables accurate denoising of voltage imaging data, bioRxiv, 2022
  • [Robust PCA] Efficient Neural Network Approximation of Robust PCA for Automated Analysis of Calcium Imaging Data, MICCAI, 2021

* co-first authors, ** co-corresponding authors

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Registration Robust PCA
Robust and Efficient Alignment of Calcium Imaging Data through Simultaneous Low Rank and Sparse Decomposition
Junmo Cho*, Seungjae Han*, Eun-Seo Cho, Kijung Shin, Young-Gyu Yoon
WACV, 2023, (accepted)

REALS can align multiple images very fast and accurately, even if there are lots of comtaminations.

Denoising Voltage Imaging
IMPASTO: Multiplexed cyclic imaging without signal removal via self-supervised neural unmixing
Hyunwoo Kim*, Seoungbin Bae*, Junmo Cho*, Howeon Nam, Junyoung Seo, Seungjae Han, Euiin Yi, Eunsu Kim, Young-Gyu Yoon, Jae-Byum Chang
bioRxiv, 2022

Erasureless cyclic imaging method with self-supervised spectral unmixing.

Denoising Voltage Imaging
Statistically unbiased prediction enables accurate denoising of voltage imaging data
Minho Eom*, Seungjae Han*, Gyuri Kim, Eun-Seo Cho, Jueun Sim, Pojeong Park, Kang-Han Lee, Seonghoon Kim, Márton Rózsa, Karel Svoboda, Myunghwan Choi, Cheol-Hee Kim, Adam Cohen, Jae-Byum Chang, Young-Gyu Yoon
bioRxiv, 2022
project page / paper / code / data

Self-supervised learning method for removing Poisson-Gaussian noise in voltage imaging data. Also can be used for calcium imaging data, data with motion, and volumetric structural imaging data.

Computational Imaging
Three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy through virtual refocusing using a recursive light propagation network
Changyeop Shin*, Hyun Ryu*, Eun-Seo Cho, Seungjae Han, Kang-Han Lee, Cheol-Hee Kim, Young-Gyu Yoon
Medical Image Analysis, 2022
paper / code

Neural network that models the light propagation law can reconstruct a volume using two adjacent images.

Expansion Microscopy
Nanoscale resolution imaging of the whole mouse embryos and larval zebrafish using expansion microscopy
Jueun Sim*, Chan E Park*, In Cho*, Kyeongbae Min, Minho Eom, Seungjae Han, Hyungju Jeon, Hyun-Ju Cho, Eun-Seo Cho, Ajeet Kumar, Yosep Chong, Jeong Seuk Kang, Kiryl D. Piatkevich, Erica E. Jung, Du-Seock Kang, Seok-Kyu Kwon, Jinhyun Kim, Ki-Jun Yoon, Jeong-Soo Lee, Edward S. Boyden, Young-Gyu Yoon**, Jae-Byum Chang**
bioRxiv, 2022

Expansion microscopy (ExM) for whole vertebrates. Demonstrated nanoscale resolution imaging of whole zebrafish larvae and mouse embryos by expanding them fourfold.

Computational Imaging Robust PCA
3DM: Deep decomposition and deconvolution microscopy for rapid neural activity imaging
Eun-Seo Cho*, Seungjae Han*, Kang-Han Lee, Cheol-Hee Kim, Young-Gyu Yoon
Optics Express, 2021 (Editor's pick (5.8% = 8/138), Image of the Week)
paper / code

Fast computational microscopy for the volumetric imaging of neural activity, using two neural networks which perform sparse decomposition and deconvolution.

Robust PCA
Efficient Neural Network Approximation of Robust PCA for Automated Analysis of Calcium Imaging Data
Seungjae Han, Eun-Seo Cho, Inkyu Park, Kijung Shin, Young-Gyu Yoon
MICCAI, 2021
paper / code / poster / wallpaper

Fast and scalable gradient descent based Robust PCA algorithm. Achieves an order of magnitude speed improvement, demonstrated with calcium imaging dataset as large as tens of gigabytes.

lteapp LTE RSS Positioning
Smartphone Application to Estimate Distances from LTE Base Stations Based on Received Signal Strength Measurements
Seungjae Han, Taewon Kang, Jiwon Seo
ITC-CSCC, 2019 (Oral presentation)

Smartphone application that calculates predicted distances to near base stations based on received signal strength. Research for LTE-based positioning where GPS signal is unavailable.

lteapp Haptic Human-Robot Interaction
Observation of Human Trajectory in Response to Haptic Feedback from Mobile Robot
Hee-Seung Moon, Woohyun Kim, Seungjae Han, Jiwon Seo
ICCAS, 2018

Analyze the walking trajectory of a blindfolded participant receiving hapic feedback from a mobile robot. Developed a mobile robot system with a haptic device and algorithm for appropriate haptic feedback.

Awards & Honors
kfasc Undergraduate Research Program (2019)
   Research fund (₩5,200,000) granted, Outstanding Project Award

Sound source localization in the indoor multipath environment based on machine learning
Seungjae Han, Sanghyun Kim, PI: Jiwon Seo

Localization of sound source using two mics in the indoor multipath environment.
Wrote two domestic conference papers and applied one patent.

yonsei Short-term visiting researcher to Boğaziçi University, Turkey (2019)
  Travel and lodging cost

Visited COLORS Lab, advised by Emre Ugur.

ictfp IT Consilience Creative Program (2017~2019)
  Tuition waiver & monthly stipend for whole undergraduate period
Behance profile. Intereted in Illustration, Sketch, and UI/UX.
Using Procreate, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
Also I'm trying oil painting!

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